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Check Services Basics

Check services help take the risk out of accepting personal checks from customers. Using check services to validate and guarantee personal checks can cost less than the fees to process credit cards. It also offers an additional payment option to your customers.

The main component of check services is electronic check conversion. Check conversion allows you to get your money in as little as 48 to 72 hours. Consumers must have the funds available immediately to use a personal check. You get monthly statements and online reporting for all check conversion transactions.

It's important to meet with several check service providers before making a final decision. You want to ensure the vendor provides adequate training for you and your staff to properly use the check service technology.

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Straight Talk from Check Services Buyers

“We are looking to process EFT checks. We're looking for a higher per transaction fee and lower (or no) monthly fee.”
Administrative Assistant, Non-Profit, Cleveland, OH
“I am looking for ACH check services to collect recurring payments from over 500 residential and commercial garbage customers. We currently process payments but it is cumbersome, not provided on an Internet-based platform, and does not efficiently accommodate recurring payments as desired.”
CFO, Telecom/Utilities, Austell, GA
“I am a freelance web developer, I want to be able to accept echecks from employers.”
General Manager, Information Services, Woodside, NY
“We sell only one product, turf grass sod. Most sales are to contractors. We need onsite check services to process our customers’ checks.”
Partner/Principal, Construction/General Contracting, West Kingston, RI
“I am opening a collections agency. All payment services needed would be in the form of checks by phone, post-dated checks, and credit card processing. Looking for a check services agency that offers competitive rates.”
CEO/President/Owner, Other Business Services, Marysville, WA
“I would like to arrange for my business' savings account to be able to receive automatic monthly transfers from customers. At the beginning there will probably be only one or two a month. I expect the transfers will be about US$50 or $100 each. Ideally I will be able to arrange check services payment on a per-transfer basis, possibly changing to an annual fee structure as the number of monthly transfers grows.”
CEO/President/Owner, Financial Services, Madison, WI
“We are a dental clinic and need to receive payment for check services rendered at time of visit. We currently have problems with patients writing us checks that end up being NSF.”
Dentist/Physician, Health Care, El Paso, TX
“We are an auto dealership. We take in checks for down payments, services rendered, cash payments for vehicles paid in full, parts purchased, service work done. We are looking for a check services company, in other words we would like to be able to run a check through the machine and get an approval or a decline. If approved and the check bounces, we would like it to be guaranteed by the company.”
Accounting/Finance, Retail, Folsom, CA

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Leading Suppliers

  • Commuter Check
  • Cross-Check
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