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Electronic Medical Records Prices

Visitors to B2B Exchange know that it helps to have the right features and a brand that will be there for you, but at the end of the day the price you pay for a copy machine will be among the most important parts of the decision. That’s why we’ve assembled actual prices paid for copiers, straight from our users. Use these figures as a guide as you figure out what to pay during your negotiations.Electronic Records

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“Around $2,000 data base plus service contract.”
“ICD, CPT and billing = $700 total.”
$3,600 annually, full integrated MHR and billing.”
General manager
“eClinical Works for about $10,000.”
$22,000 = all inclusive. Billing, clearing house use, electronic scripting, lab interface, training.”
$4,000 - EMR and billing, electronic filing, reminder system.”
$18,000 - eClinical Works.”
“Medigraph: EMR, electronic billing, scheduling. $0.63/visit. No installation fee. Free technical support.”
Administrative assistant
$1,100 - 2 laptop computers and a scanner.”
“My Client Plus - $30 per month for Internet-based program with no fees extra for electronic claims. It offers the provider all necessary tools to do billing.”
Administrative assistant
“eClinical Works, $10,000.”
Office manager
$595 for Report Master - No service contract.”
“Amazing Charts - $1,000.”

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There are a variety of options for you to explore as you think about buying electronic medical records (EMR). Auctions, e-commerce and request for quote services all provide you a way to evaluate different models, talk to dealers and ultimately figure out what’s best for your practice's EMR needs. Check out the links below for some of the best resources on the web when it comes to shopping for EMR.

Straight Talk From Electronic Medical Records Buyers

The Internet has enabled the wisdom of the crowds like never before. B2B Exchange brings that wisdom straight to you by collecting the comments and questions of other electronic medical record buyers as they tackle business purchasing head on. If you’re not sure what to be looking for in your next electronic medical records, check out the most common thoughts, fears and ideas shared by your fellow business purchasers.

“We are a podiarty office, one location with 3 docs. We need EMR and appointment scheduling software, not billing. Time line of 6 weeks. Thanks.”
“Could be accessed through a laptop/notebook, tablet. Compatible with our billing system, links to CPT and ICD with the rest of the functionality of an EMR. ”
Office Manager
“Easy to transfer paper into the electronic system. System that is practice specific or have the ability to make it that way. Already using Brickell for appointments and billing would like to have something that we can use with this system. We are Vista users.”
“I would like a software where we can eliminate paper notes that does not require dictation or tons of typing. We already have a bubble scan unit. what is there out there?”
“I would like to replace my 6-year old Medisoft accounting program with something that can do everything that Medisoft did without wasting paper. I also need this to be either ICD-10 ready or upgradable.”
“MDS, Care Plan, Computerized Physician order entry, e-charting, escribing, eMed pass, interoperability and health information exchange, HIPAA compliance, audit trails, standard based assessments, security based on job function.”
“Must be server-based. All records kept on site, flexible to meet the demands of an outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment facility. ”
IT Manager
“Need an economical approach to a very small practice (now 1-2 days/week). Primarily need chart and electronic RX ability. Have a fee-for-service practice so billng is less of a concern. Do want to include a "superbill" that I can print. Thank you very much. ”
“We are looking to convert our 2,500+ paper patients files to digital format. We are the medical supply company and we have no physician to ever look in the patient files - our employees only.”
“We have electronic billing via the software company GE Centricity and would like for it to be compatible with it. i.e. use the EMR Chartlogic or equivalent and use GE Centricity for the electronic billing if it can be coupled that way.”
“We have approx 30,000+ paper employee medical files in 6 different locations across the country, with an accessibility need for any of the 6 locations to access records. Each file has on average 50 pieces of paper that would need to be scanned. ”
“We would like a complete software program that has practice management, billing/claims, and EMR. We have an ASC and would like be able to use our operative forms in the EMR system.”
IT Manager
“What I am looking for is to eliminate outcards completely and scan out-going and incoming charts to better track them down. Also, instead of typing a list when sending to storage with scanner, I will be able to scan and enter box number in the system.”
“Ability to easily design templates for diseases. Must have pediatric features (growth chart, immunizations, etc.).”
“Bottom line is that it has to be easy to use, facilitate PQRI/e-prescribing requirements, be eligible for medicare EMR reimbursement, and not slow the flow of the clinic when fully implimented.”
Office Manager
“Currently use GE Centricity for practice management and Compulink for my optical shop - am interested in web-based application vs stand alone. ”
Office Manager
“I have a dermatology practice that must be compliant with federal EHR requirements. ”
We are a developmental disabilities agency serving approx 1,000 consumers, 30 physical locations providing consumer residence, day habilitation, employment, msc coordination, clinic, and recreation.”
Agency, Non-profit
“We are just a 1-doctor office and we just want one system that will let us do it all, all scheduling, all billing, etc. We have a front desk and the back office computer, plus we might want remote access from a home computer.”
Administrative Assistant

Electronic Medical Records Advice

Electronic Medical Records Basics

The paper medical record is on the way out: electronic medical records provide so many benefits that it just makes sense to switch. Electronic charts can hold notes, x-rays, prescriptions, and any other medical information usually found in paper records. This makes searching and retrieving data easier, improves efficiency and accuracy, and allows doctors to access patients' information remotely.

Electronic medical records systems also provide benefits such as reduced mistakes caused by bad handwriting, drug interaction precautions, and improved billing and insurance handling. When choosing an EMR system, make sure it can work with your MPM or billing software, as well.

Points to consider: