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Interactive Kiosks Basics

It's almost impossible to find a business that doesn't offer some type of kiosk. Whether it's your standard ATM in a convenience store, a photo kiosk in a pharmacy, or an informational interactive kiosk in a mall, the concept of a sturdy and reliable self-service machine to handle basic tasks and transactions has really taken off.
Interactive Kiosks

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In some cases, interactive kiosks can act in place of an extra employee—without the interview process or performance review. Using standard touch screen technology, people can navigate through a simple screen of menu options to get the information they are looking for without human assistance. They don't take up much floor space and you can even customize the look and feel of the enclosure to appropriately represent your business.

With the help of a kiosk vendor, you could determine what you would like your interactive kiosks to do. If you will provide products or services, such as a photo printing kiosk or bill payment machine, the kiosk can be equipped with a bill acceptor or credit card swipe. If it's just information you're looking to share, a vendor can help you design the right presentation and interface.

One concern businesses have about interactive kiosks is: who maintains them? A kiosk vendor can set you up with a monitoring company that will keep track of each kiosk's performance. Should the machine break down or need adjustments, such as refilling paper or removing cash, they are notified immediately and a rep is sent to the site to maintain the device.

Interactive Kiosks Prices other People Paid

“We paid $5000 and $9000 for the two interactive kiosks that we purchased.”
Business Owner in Houston, TX
“It was $5K for the kiosk we chose, including a 20" touch screen mag stripe reader, and biz card receipt reader. We also looked at used interactive kiosks.”
CIO in Arnold, MD
“$5000 for the kiosk, printer, color of choice and programming of interface. We looked at other interactive kiosks but this was the best deal we found.”
IT Administrator in Butte, MT
“Each of the interactive kiosks were $3,100. They each included a thermal printer and logo wrap on front. We're still working out the service contract details.”
Facilities Manager in New York, NY
“Our kiosk costed around $5,000 including the traveling case.”
Business Owner in Miami, FL

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Leading Providers

  • Apunix
  • CeroView
  • DNI Marketing Group
  • IBM
  • KING Products and Solutions, Inc
  • Kiosk Information Systems
  • The Kiosk Store
  • St. Clair
  • SeePoint
  • Slabb Corporation
  • Xpedient Software

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