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Medical Practice Management Software Prices

Visitors to B2B Exchange know that it helps to have the right features and a brand that will be there for you, but at the end of the day the price you pay for medical practice management software will be among the most important parts of the decision. That’s why we’ve assembled actual prices paid for medical practice management software, straight from our users. Use these figures as a guide as you figure out what to pay during your negotiations.Medical Practice Management

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$7,000 included an office based medical practice management software system with on line backup, hardware, on site training, on line training, full service support and no hidden costs or long term commitment.”
Dentist/Physician, Healthcare, Charleston SC
$3,495 plus $359 per month for full medical billing and MPM software. EMR not included.”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Irmo SC
“Approximately $1,200.00. One of the main reasons I purchased Shrinkrapt from Saner software. A big factor in my selection was that I found a product that was Mac compatable. This was difficult to find. The product includes electronic billing capabilities scheduling,client billing, record keeping, etc.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Chesapeake VA
$5,000 - Billing Service package (medical practice management software, billing certification, marketing support, licenses to re-sell).”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Denton TX
$4,400.00 for medical practice management software, billing software, efiling for all carriers also 6 months updates, tech support, data conversion from old program.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Maryville TN
$1400.00 Agile EMR software, first month of clearing house fee, 8 hours of training/techinical support. Documentation for the program.”
Dentist/Physician, Healthcare, Pontiac MI
“They set up our new medical practice management software for $2500, then there was a $300 a month service agreement — they also had a special where we got 3 months free.”
Consultant, Healthcare, Cottonwood AZ
$795 software and training. $159 per month ongoing.”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Pequannock NJ
$2000.00 for medical practice management software— everything included except cost of submissions to clearinghouse.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Elko NV
$299.00 no contracts. Medisoft, will work with a free service to send medical billing.”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Bronx NY
“Medisoft v15, two user license & 30 day support for $2499.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Lakeland FL
“We paid $250 for a medical practice management software license for one user. No service contract needed. Prints new HCFA 1500's, and has capability to do electronic billing, reports and statistics.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Ludlow VT
“About $6000.00 for MPM software and to submit claims for patients to their insurance and for scheduling of patients.”
Dentist/Physician, Healthcare, York PA
$4,995 includes all service and minor upgrades, customer support, electronic billing capability (for which I pay an extra $300 a yr).”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Woodbury NY
“The total for the medical practice management software was $2898.00, with a $99.00 monthly fee includes full support and electronic claim submission.”
Administrative Assistant, Healthcare, Deerfield Beach FL

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There are a variety of options for you to explore as you think about buying medical practice management software. Auctions, e-commerce and request for quote services all provide you a way to evaluate different models, talk to dealers and ultimately figure out what’s best for your medical practice management software needs. Check out the links below for some of the best resources on the web when it comes to shopping for medical practice management software.

Straight Talk From Medical Practice Management Software Buyers

The Internet has enabled the wisdom of the crowds like never before. B2B Exchange brings that wisdom straight to you by collecting the comments and questions of other medical practice management software buyers as they tackle business purchasing head on. If you’re not sure what to be looking for in your next medical practice management software, check out the most common thoughts, fears and ideas shared by your fellow business purchasers.

“We are a trauma surgery group affiliated with a university which provides trauma services to a single hospital. We are looking for medical practice management software that will allow patient tracking including demographics, ICD-9, CPT, complications, and custom data fields (regarding trauma resuscitation). The software will be able to 1.) print daily pt list with selected information 2.) print summary reports for billing service reconciliation 3.) allow data exportation for research purposes 4.) be web/browser based, maintained on our server 5.) have streamlined customized "smart" data entry forms, with date entry from all levels of clinical staff (residents/ physician extenders/ staff).”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Norfolk, VA
“We are a billing and collections company that wants to manage and maintain client data in a secure, HIPPA compliant web-based MPM software application. We want software that gives us the ability to provide service to a limitless amount of physicians, gives us the ability to electronically file claims and gives us the ability to customize our needs and use clearinghouse or other services like Mckesson statements. All while maintaning a user friendly interface for both the administrative and client sides. We are hoping that our individual clients will be able to log on and utilize the service successfully while entering demographic and coding data without limitations.”
Principal/Partner, Information Services, Baltimore, MD
“I am looking for MPM software that includes Anesthesiology billing features. I have 7 clients and their billing require special formatting on claim forms showing "time" of procedures. For example: (anesthesia time: 12:45 - 13:52 = 67 minutes) would need to be on the claim form on line 19. I would also need software that can produce reports that break down base unit values, modifiers and time values each listed separately and totaled. I would also need a software that can produce reports breaking down insurance groups, procedures and surgery time frames. The insurances also require time submitted differently. Either in unit value or minutes.”
General Manager, Healthcare, Allentown, PA
“We are a small speech pathology private pracice. I submit all of my own billing for insurance companies through the insurance co. websites. I would like to be able to generate electronic bills through my own software to submit. I would also like to keep track of private pay patients and when their account becomes overdue. If a software also has the ability to record electronic visit notes, that would be great, but I am already doing that with microsoft word. I would also like to be able to record bank statements and practice bills.”
Administrative Assistant, Healthcare, Fort Worth, TX
“I am a physician that needs medical practice management software and a billing system and I also need to be able to submit the claims electronically. Also I need end of the month I will like for the software to be able to let me know what physicians billed how much and what the daily amount of patients are per physician. Ease of use, aging of accounts, secondary billing options, scheduler, I am looking for "user friendly, reasonably priced, ease of downloading medical office data into this software" software. I do not care to lease a subscription. Helpdesk assistance is a must.”
Principal/Partner, Healthcare, Davenport, IL
“I need medical practice management software that will synchronize with my PDA so I will have my schedule & client information with me where ever I am. I would also like to have the ability to have clients sign in to my web site to fill out new client information sheets that will download in to the software so I don't have to type in the information manually. I would also like clients to be able to log in to my web site & check their appointment times &/or schedule appointments or change their appointment times based on what is available.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, McKeesport, PA
“I want my EMR software and billing software to be one or be able to interface. Need electronic prescribing to pharmacies, and interface with lab company. Prefer web based but will consider other ... Ability to convert data from previous programs being used. Do electronic billing and electronic payment posting (ECT & ERT). Scanning and have pt picture. Honest contract, no surprised modules. Want everything possible to run an efficient office for our patients and for us.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Glendale, AZ
“We provide pediatric ST, PT and OT. Services are provided on and off site, so our therapists need web based access for clinical record entry. We process billing in-house. We would like an integrated system for electronic medical records, electronic communications and accounts receivable, including breakdown to each paysource and aging. Our therapists have a varied range of computer capabilities, so we'd like simplicity for them. Support and reliable updates are also important.”
General Manager, Healthcare, Casper, WY
“We are a new clincal service and will be only taking cash, so billing is not an issue. However, if we are successful, we will be rapidly expanding the service, so scalability is a BIG issue. I am the Medical Director and have very advanced networking and programming skills, so implementation is NOT an issue. We will need to scan outside records into our system.
Principal/Partner, Healthcare, Chula Vista, CA
“We are a very small office, with two part time chiropractors, so cost is a big factor. Ideally we would like to be able to schedule patients from a web based medical practice management software as we currently do that, and like it. We would like to keep electronic billing. However, all that being said, we could forgo a lot if we can't get a program at a reasonable price.”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Owensboro, KY
“We are the acupuncture clinic. We need to use the medical billing software to electronically submit claims to different insurance include medical and automobile insurance, plus manage the claim status based on the insurance EOB, and calculate the patient final responsibility, then send patient the statement either by email or regular mail.”
Receptionist, Healthcare, Norwalk, CT
“We are looking for something to use for scheduling appointments for 6 month authorization periods; will track no shows, cancels and reschedule them; will be able to schedule transportation and coordinate with the patient appointments; will be able to recognize excess missed appointments and automatically print out a noncompliance letter.”
Office Manager, Healthcare, Davis, CA
“As an employer of physicians, we not only need to bill, but we also need to be able to report various revenues in relation to the physician who generated them. Also, since our compensation plans allocate certain income calculations between the physician and the office, we need to be able to customize some revenue reports.”
CEO/President/Owner, Healthcare, Newton, IA
“We are a collection agency billing a low volume of claims/month for 60 hospitals and adding 1 or 2 hospitals/mo We only bill UB04 claims! We need to be able to check eligibility on about 300-400 claims a month & of those, about 25-50 turn out needing to be rebilled (corrected claim).”
Consultant, Information Services, Lowell, MA
“I am starting a new company and in the market for MPM software to provide a billing service for various practices, including (LCSW) Licensed Clinial Social Worker, (LPC) Licensed Counselor, (NP)Nurse Practitioner, phychological testing and therapy (PHD); all in the psychiatric field.”
Partner/Principal, Healthcare, Duluth, GA

Medical Practice Management Software Advice

Medical Practice Management Basics

Medical practice management software can handle billing, insurance, patient and physician scheduling, tracking and reporting, and more administrative functions. By taking on such a wide range of tasks, MPM software can improve the efficiency of an entire practice: from physicians and nurses to clerks and billing specialists. But how can you choose the right software?

Start by carefully evaluating potential vendors. The flashiest software is no good if the vendor won't be available to help you learn how to use it and troubleshoot if anything goes wrong. Also, make sure you know which features are the most important to your office — and don't be wowed by the flashy extras that many software packages include.

Points to consider: