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multiple line phone system reviewsBest bets for a multiple line phone system

There are two main multiple line phone systems frequently used by small- and medium-sized businesses: two-line and four-line. And we’ve selected the top three from each category, weighing cost against the number of useful functionalities they provide. Here’s how they compare.

Two-Line Phone Systems

The following are three different brands of 2 line telephone systems that are highly recommended by businesses in various discussion forums on the web. We define “top” as having a full range of features at an affordable price.

  1. GE/RCA ViSYS 25203RE1 – This is one of the more inexpensive multiple line phone system sets out there. Retailing for around $54 per unit, this corded, sleek phone is great for offices and desktops where you’re looking for something a little more refined. It includes a 2-line speakerphone with caller ID and is designed with conference call and hands-free operation in mind. Plus, each line provides a unique ring, enabling you to distinguish each line by sound – great if one line is dedicated to business and the other to personal.
  2. AT&T TL86109 – Moving up the scale just slightly, this multiple line phone system from AT&T retails for around $123 and also includes a cordless handset that enables you to take calls when you’re away from the main unit. This model features a fully-integrated digital answering system that will store a total of 14 minutes of recording. It also provides a security code that enables remote access, allowing you to check messages from home or on the road. Additional features include: Bluetooth capability, memo recorder and flash memory message backup.
  3. Panasonic KX-TG9392T – As we approach the upper end of the spectrum, you’ll find Panasonic’s multiple line phone system retails for around $214. This bundle comes with two additional cordless handsets that allow for easy 3-way conferencing and feature a “night mode” setting that enables you to program them to ring or remain silent during specified time periods. In addition, the Panasonic 2-line telephone system provides a 40 minute digital answering system that allows for a pre-recorded outgoing message and remote access so you can check messages when away from the primary unit.

Four-Line Phone Systems

Below are three of the top recommended four line phone systems. These multiline phone systems were recommended to other businesses time and time again across multiple web discussion forums.

  1. AT&T 1080 – Starting at around $130, these expandable phone systems include a digital answering system that allows for 60 minutes of recording time with an individually-programmable auto attendant. In addition, users can record personal memos and conference up to three additional callers. Plus, each line has its own light indicator and also provides a unique ringtone that differentiates each line. The AT&T 1080 is expandable up to 16 stations and also features an intercom for easy interoffice communication as well as two data ports for the connection of fax machines or other peripherals.
  2. SynJ from AT&T SB67118/SB67138 – This multiple line phone system package takes a pretty big step up over the AT&T 1080. Selling for around $393, this set includes one cordless handset that’s expandable up to 10 additional handsets and also features a technology that strengthens the radio signal up to half a mile, great when you have to take a call but aren’t near the primary unit. In addition, each handset includes its own individual voicemail, allowing this system to serve an extended number of employees with dedicated voicemail under the banner of one unified and cost-effective system. This model also includes all the standards at this price level such as push to talk, paging, call transfer and 3-way conferencing.

Panasonic KX-TG4500B + (3) KX-TGA450B – For those with a number of employees and a high call volume, the $660 price tag on this Panasonic bundle may be well worth the cost. It includes four cordless handsets that connect employees all over your facility through a unified system, including 2-way paging, 3-way conferencing and the ability to conference multiple calls at once. In addition, this system can be expanded to include up to eight additional handsets and also includes the frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that provides clear sound, even over extended ranges, with a minimum amount of interference.

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