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Options when you need construction containers

construction container waste

For construction projects of just about any size, a construction container can be used as an easy and effective way to cart off large amounts of trash and recyclables. Construction containers are invaluable for the service they deliver, providing a place to store waste and preventing you from having to pile it up outside your business.

Primarily, you have two main options when it comes to using a construction container: renting one or buying one. And each option has its plusses and minuses. But before getting started, there are a few terms to be aware of when dealing with the companies that provide them – tips that can save you from looking like an amateur…which may lead to getting a better deal.

The A, B, Cs of construction containers

Whether you opt to rent or buy, the company you deal with will most likely specialize in the rather limited niche of construction trailers. On the whole, these people are used to dealing with contractors and are somewhat less tolerant when negotiating with the average Joe. So make sure you brush up on the terminology below before getting on the phone.

Options for obtaining construction containers

For most people, the best option is to rent a container, as the cost of buying it, hauling it to the refuse station (often more than once) and then selling it when your job is complete is way more cost and hassle than most people are willing to put up with. So they’re left with two options: renting from a waste removal company or renting a rolloff container from a rental outfit.

rent construction containers for home remodellingThe difference between the two can be substantial, as waste removal companies will often contract workers to help you clean up, in addition to renting you the container. These workers are typically used for cleaning out an estate before the sale of a house or similar situations where either the homeowner is not present or doesn’t care to take the time. Among the two options, this provides the least amount of work on your part, but also an exponentially greater cost.

In contrast, a rolloff is the do-it-yourself option, providing a far more cost-effective way to clear out construction debris. Rolloff containers are easily delivered and picked up either on a schedule or with a phone call. Available in the sizes mentioned above, they can be used to remove a ton of debris with each load. In addition, “pulls” can be ordered when the container is full, picking up the container, dumping it and bringing it back to your site. In general, pulls are much more affordable than ordering a new container.

When opting to rent a construction container, be aware of any local regulations related to parking enforcement when placing the container on the street or in a location that may obstruct traffic. Your local building permit office can provide information related to the necessary permits. And finally, if you’re located in an area zoned for residential use, be aware of any existing homeowner’s regulations related to the placement of containers on private property.

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