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How much should that commercial metal building cost?

Steel building components have become popular in recent days. Used throughout the construction of commercial metal building structures, they provide a valuable combination of lasting durability and cost savings due to the energy efficiency of the material when compared to wood. But what does this type of construction actually cost when all is said and done?

Though costs are specific to location in terms of both delivery and local labor, here are five popular examples of commercial metal building structures and the generalized costs associated with each. When calculating the building models for each, we’ve assumed basic components and union labor. Your final cost may fluctuate if you add enhanced features or use open shop labor for construction.

Girl sipping a drink in a fast food restaurantHow much does a fast food restaurant building cost?

Few types of construction have remained consistent more so than the fast food restaurant. And oddly enough, the cost of commercial metal building construction reflects the cost of the food itself, coming in well below any of the examples provided above. Constructed as a single-story location with around 4,000 square feet and a combination of either brick veneer and steel framing or concrete blocks with stucco, construction costs range from $482,000 for steel framing to $458,000 for concrete block.

How much does a restaurant building cost?

Though it may be cheaper to simply buy one of the many vacant locations around the country and refurbish it in line with your business, building a new restaurant can be accomplished through a variety of materials. On the one hand, you can opt for brick veneer and a wood frame. You can also build something a little more robust by substituting the wood framing for concrete blocks and steel joists. Depending on the route you take, a single-story restaurant with around 5,000 square feet will range between $664,000 for wood construction and $651,000 for steel components, a difference that is attributed to contractor fees and the varying cost of wood products.

This parking garage is a commercial metal buildingHow much does a parking garage cost?

Typically including a brick face, parking garages are available with concrete blocks used for framing or a combination of concrete blocks and metal framing. The scope of each garage, as well as the individual city or location and its associated permits and fees, can cause the final cost to fluctuate widely. As a base price, a five-story parking garage with a total of 145,000 square feet can cost just over $6 million when built with metal components and around $4.5 million with basic concrete supports.

Two people in front of a retail commercial metal buildingHow much does a single-story office building cost?

Office buildings feature a wide range of appearances depending on the locale. This variance leads to an equally diverse set of building materials that includes: steel roofing, wood siding, brick veneer, metal studs and concrete panels. A single story office building with 7,000 square feet would cost nearly $790,000 with metal studs and steel roofing. In comparison, a commercial metal building constructed with concrete panels and steel roofing would cost around $777,000.

How much does a retail store cost?

Depending on the location of the store, some construction will include a brick façade while others will have only painted concrete. Due to commercial metal building codes in many areas, materials now typically include concrete blocks and steel joists. With that in consideration, a one-story retail store with around 8,000 square feet will cost anywhere from $570,000 to $680,000 depending on the external design.

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