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How Call Center Software Can Help Your Teams Become More Efficient

Call center software helps in significantly increasing efficiency of operations by streamlining, simplifying and automating many tasks.

By using the power of high-speed microprocessors together with databases capable of handling massive amounts of information, call center software provides a strategic competitive advantage for companies that adopt this technology.

Call center software will typically handle either outbound or inbound calls, and some applications can handle both types of calls. Software will also vary according to the number of users that the application can handle simultaneously.

Some of the features and advantages provided by call center software include:

Predictive Dialing

For outbound call centers, predictive dialing can help increase team efficiency. With this feature, the software automatically dials individuals on a call list, but only connects those calls in which a live person answers. By screening out calls answered by taped recordings, the software optimizes call center efficiency by reducing agent wait times.

Call Center Routing

Inbound call centers can benefit greatly from the use of call center routing, especially in cases in which the company has highly distinct areas of customer and technical support. With this solution, the call center software automatically routes calls to specific agents depending on the customer�s needs. Studies show that call center routing can help reduce call-handling times typically by 20 percent. The efficiency boost is even higher at call centers that have groups of agents that handle highly specialized areas of customer support.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

With Interactive Voice Response technology, call centers can screen calls, route them or allow the system to handle the entire customer service operation using recorded messages. IVR uses a menu of recorded messages to respond automatically to inbound calls. The software may have the ability to recognize voice responses or the customer may choose options by pressing phone keys. The automated system can answer customer questions directly with messages, route calls to specific call centers or agents, and record customer messages.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer Telephony Integration technology allows call center agents to automatically access customer information on their computer screens. When an inbound call comes in, the system requires the customer to provide identifying information that allows the software to access the customer's database entry. The system then routes the call to agent along with all the data needed for the customer's profile to appear on the agent's computer. With such technology, agents do not need to waste time searching for the customer's records.

Case Collaboration

Collaborative call center software allows agents to work simultaneously on particularly tough customer problems. When one agent cannot handle a specific issue, there will be the option of calling in other team members in the call center or from other location to help with the problem. The agents will be able to view the same screen simultaneously in real time. Any change made to the record is visible by all agents that are collaborating on the case. With some applications, the agents may be able to voice or video chat with each other while working on a customer issue.

Cross-channel Service

Today, customers have the option of contacting customer support through a wide array of media including phone, email, messaging and social media. A cross-channel service allows agents to view all contacts made by the customer through every type of contact option. In that way, they will be able to assess outstanding issues quickly along with the entire history of the case.

Call Recording

Call center software can record all calls and store them digitally in appropriate databases. The more sophisticated applications may have speech analytics that allow the system to recognize words in the recorded conversations. With this type of technology, the call center can more quickly search through the recorded call database. Recording calls offers centers with an excellent way of monitoring customer service quality in addition to providing exact information for performance analysis.

Reporting and Analytics

With digital systems, it is possible to record every bit of relevant data needed for reporting and analysis. Call center software can record every action taken by agents and store the information in easily accessible databases. Digital storage is highly efficient and easy to back up. The software will automatically generate reports in the form of charts, graphs, lists and other useful formats. Call centers can use the information to discover both strong and weak points in their operations. For example, they can analyze individual agent performance along with group performance. They will also be able to assess specific problems, for example, whether the system is routing calls in an optimal manner. The software allows call centers to make regular system improvements.