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Visitors to B2B Exchange know that it helps to have the right features and a brand that will be there for you, but at the end of the day the price you pay for a copy machine will be among the most important parts of the decision. That’s why we’ve assembled actual prices paid for copiers, straight from our users. Use these figures as a guide as you figure out what to pay during your negotiations.Postage Meters

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“We are leasing the product (DM400) for 63 months at $135 a month. This includes 80% of the 100% buyout they did for us on our existing machine in order for us to get out of our previous lease agreement. This includes 2 yearly service visits, all postage updates as they happen, and a maintenance agreement.”
Office Manager, Wholesale, Saint Anthony, ID
$34.99 per month for 12 months, the first 2 months are a free trial period. Included are: meter, output stacker, printer cartridge which is capable of producing up to 3000 impressions , 50 postage tape sheets, power cord, USB cable, telephone cable, and a CD containing PC software and the User Manual.”
Partner/Principal, Real Estate, Millsboro, DE
$197.00 per month for DM 300C Mailing Meter System, IntelliLink Interface/PSD for DM 300C, Accounting software, 10 lb integrated weighing, confirmation services training, professional installation, integrated weighing platform, IntelliLink subscription, and SoftGuard for DM 300C.”
Office Manager, Legal, Fairview Heights, IL
“I liked that we can rent the machine for 1 year; it is on order now. It is less than $24 per month. The Hassler meter will have a scale, and the person who contacted me was very nice and professional. I look forward to the installation, and meeting him in person.”
Accountant, Financial Services, Fresno, CA
$19.95 per month, includes price rate guarantee and any maintenance.”
Receptionist, Legal, North Hollywood, CA
“Postage Meter with 30 lb integrated scale for $59.95 per month, with startup supplies, unlimited rate changes and postage refills at no additional cost. Ability to upgrade. Rental agreement is not a lease. Cost of supplies were the lowest.”
Accountant, Wholesale, Addison, TX
“Pitney Bowes MailStation 2 w/integrated scale - 60 day free trial then $19.95/month offset by $20 free postage per month for the next 5 years - 1 year contract required. Purchased $50 in postage and spare postage labels for $14.”
Administrative Assistant, Non-Profit, Phoenix, AZ
T-1000 for $24.95 per month with free refills, medium price for supplies (ink etc), no price increase for postage resets, envelope sealer, integrated (but separate) 5 lb scale, no increase in monthly charge for the life of the machine.”
Partner/Principal, Legal, Tacoma, WA
“60 day trial before 1 year contract for $19.99 per month. $30 postage purchase for trial time, and then $7.95 per each additional purchase of postage. At the end of the 60 day trial I received $100 in coupons for free postage.”
Administrative Assistant, Insurance, Fairless Hills, PA
DM100 for $39.95 per month, plus receiving $20 postage per month for free. The DM100 can process up to 40 letters per minute. It has a built in scale and the ability to calculate postage for all domestic and international postal shipments/mailings.”
CEO/President/Owner, Retail, Cumming, GA
“We got the first 6 months of service free, and after that each month is about $50. It comes as a packaged deal with all kinds of free features that met our needs perfectly!”
Office Manager, Construction/General Contracting, Louisville, KY
$22.95 per month, WJ20 postage meter & scale, prints 20 envelopes/labels per minute, prints logo, 8 standard ads or 2 custom messages, information based on Indicia technology, postage usage report.”
Administrative Assistant, Manufacturing , Shawnee Mission, KS
“DM 100 series, 63 month lease for $29.00 per month. No rate increases during the lease period of 63 months. Includes postage by phone and a service contract.”
Office Manager, Financial Services, Fort Wayne, IN

$29.95 monthly rental which included a Digital Meter, Envelope sealer, 5 lb integrated scale, Meter replacement/repair service, free startup kit, and 3 months of free rental.”
Buyer, Retail Packaging, Sunman, IN
$19.99 per month, 60 day free trial, paid $30.00 +$ 9.99 postage and S&H to get the meter shipped. free $100.00 worth of postage after deciding to keep the machine.”
Office Manager, Transportation/Logistics, Houston, TX
$24.95 per month for a T-1000 meter, with 3 months free, a 5 lb scale, startup supplies, unlimited resets, rate guard, and meter replacement service.”
Accountant, Consulting, Carson City, NV
$29 per month Mail station with integrated weighing station, IntelliLink Subscription, repair and maintenance, and a SoftGuard subscription.”
Office Manager, Construction/General Contracting, West Springfield, MA

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There are a variety of options for you to explore as you think about buying a postage meter. Auctions, e-commerce and request for quote services all provide you a way to evaluate different models, talk to dealers and ultimately figure out what’s best for your postage meter needs. Check out the links below for some of the best resources on the web when it comes to shopping for a postage meter.

Straight Talk From Postage Meters Buyers

The Internet has enabled the wisdom of the crowds like never before. B2B Exchange brings that wisdom straight to you by collecting the comments and questions of other postage meter buyers as they tackle business purchasing head on. If you’re not sure what to be looking for in your next postage meter, check out the most common thoughts, fears and ideas shared by your fellow business purchasers.

“This is what Pitney Bowes thinks we need: Specs: . DM525 Digital Mailing System with: . Thirty Pound integrated scale . Intellilink Subscription . Speed of 150 LPM . Standard 50 Inview Accounting -provides detailed reports . Constant Connection: ability to download postage and rate changes through internet connection - benefit is that downloads are quicker and eliminate need for analog line. . Ability to add a message line next to meter indicia. . Removable meter head . Large Drop Stacker . 5/8" Thickness Capacity.”
Office Manager, Legal, Bismark, ND
“Our current machine has the following features: 135 LPM automatic, 30lb integrated scale, 25 accounts std, inkjet printing (11,100 impression), rate and software downloads, IBIP Compliant, multiple same rate tapes. Please also quote, unlimited free resets, free postage advances w/ 30+ days to pay, free rate updates, full coverage equipment maintenance, installation & training. Please quote as lease NOT purchase. ”
Human Resources, Manufacturing, Bethlehem, PA
“We need a high volume postage mailing system 4 months out of every year. We do a high volume then, and our average usage is probably 10 to 20 pieces a day the remainder of the year. We mail window envelopes with less than 3/8" of material to about 20,000 addresses in about 10 batches of no more than 2-3,000 at one time. ”
Office Manager, Legal, Denver, CO
“Our postage needs are reducing almost daily as we are e-mailing more and more material. The more basic system is preferred. Daily #10 envelopes are 15-25 on most days and dwindling. Postage for Flats of 1 lb. or less in primarily MS postage zones are mailed 2-3 days a week--usually no more than 5 or 6 flats at a time. ”
Administrative Assistant, Non-Profit, Jackson, MS
“I'm only looking for a postage printer that will print and moisten the glue backing. I will be applying the postage label to a bubble envelope mailer with volumes of 500 to 1000 pieces daily. I need 25 to 50 such postage labelers for my business, 25,000 total pieces daily. ”
CEO/President/Owner, Manufacturing, San Diego, CA
“I need a meter that can be used with my laptop connection in order to utilize Access and/or Excel programs to obtain mailing addresses from record to be printed on the envelop which I will be sending. I will be sending approximately 27,000 letters / postcards at bulk mail rate in the next twelve months. ”
Owner, Non-Profit, Oakboro, NC
“I mail out 3,000 postcards to my costumers every 5 months. I need something that I can load 50 postcards into and push a button.”
General Manager, Construction/General Contracting, College Station, TX
“I will need quotes for purchase or lease. Must have capability to transfer funds easily and have automatic price upgrades with out having to buy and install a new chip. Must be dependable and energy efficient. ”
Partner/Principal, Real Estate, Storrs Mansfield, CT
“Many of our mailings are over 13 oz, so the USPS will not pick up from our office when we use stamps. Our envelopes vary typically from a #10 envelope size to a 10" x 15" size. Your Meter should be approved for these sizes by USPS for their pickup at our office. ”
Human Resources, Health Care, Los Angeles, CA
LCD Screen Display, Rate Selection Using "Rate Wizard", Postage Replenishment through Funds, Automatic Thickness Adjustment up to 1/2", Automatic Tape Dispenser, 9 Programmable Jobs, Smart Start (available with different weighing options), Date Received "Printing".”
Office Manager, Retail, Renton, WA
“We do mass mailings three times a year. These mass mailings are in the 2,000 to 3,000 piece range - simple Number 10 envelopes that would need to be sealed and .42 cent postage affixed. We do not currently have a bulk mail permit but are considering it. ”
CEO/President/Owner, Non-Profit, Chevy Chase, MD
“We would like to import our list (a CSV file) into the machine and have it print name and address. Will also need information on how to get the discounted postage rates, etc. Will be looking at mailing out at least around 20k pieces or so per month. ”
Administrative Assistant, Financial Services, Boston, MA
“We are a church which does community mailings of 3,000 envelpes/postcards several times per year. Our current meter is a manual feed and our goals are to automate the process. I would like to know our options. ”
Pastor, Non-Profit, Tempe, AZ
“I would prefer a digital meter with auto updates and no chips to purchase when postage rates change. Digital scale to auto-enter postage by weight. I may purchase a feeder rather than lease. ”
Partner/Principal, Retail, Walnut Grove, CA
“The meter needs to be re-fillable in $100.00 increments via phone or internet. The meter must also print out postage amount in dollars and cents so we can send mail internationally. ”
Publisher, Media/Entertainment/Publishing, Ocean City, MD

Postage Meters Advice

Color Copier Overview and Basics

Postage meters are a convenient addition to your office that can save you time and money. Metered mail allows you to determine accurate postage every time and you can skip trips to the post office.

Please be aware that, as of May 2007, the United States Postal Service will likely be implementing what is known as “Shape-Based Pricing” – this will change how postage rates are calculated for many mail pieces. As a quick summary, mail pieces of the same weight but different dimensions will now require different postage amounts; for example, a flat letter will cost more than one sent folded in a typical business-sized envelope. In terms of your interest in a postage meter, all this means is that you should inquire as to whether or not the model you’re looking at will meet your needs when this new system goes into effect and, if not, if a given manufacturer has something else that might work more effectively for you.

All postage meters share the same basic features and can hold up to $1,000 in postage. They can send first class, priority, and express mail, as well as packages. Beyond the basics, postage meters can also feature password-protected access, accounting codes, automatic postage reset and date advance, and saved presets. Postage meters can be furnished with a base that sends mail through and stamps it; the main parts of the base are the feeder, sealer, stacker, and tape dispenser. You can purchase these bases outright or lease them along with a meter.

In terms of actually obtaining a postage meter - you can't purchase postage meters; they are only available via lease. While ownership is controlled, this arrangement doesn't require a service contract. If something goes wrong with the unit, the manufacturer is responsible for repairs or replacements – so it ends up being a generally hassle-free arrangement and allows you to avoid the up-front cost of purchasing a piece of equipment.

Points to consider: