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lease a copierSave that headache when you lease a copier

Whether a copier is used for internal documents, invoices, or marketing materials, the cost to print paper has prompted many companies to lease a copier rather than buy one. Many offices find that a monthly lease can make more sense than purchasing a copier machine.

 A copier lease often includes maintenance and replacement parts, which gives business owners peace of mind as they put their machine to work. With a lease, even small business owners are able to obtain some of the newest, most advanced equipment for an affordable monthly fee – a luxury most wouldn’t be able to afford if forced to buy a machine.

Keepin’ up with the Joneses’…

In most cases in life, it’s best to check out what the competition is doing before you make a major business purchase. There’s really no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel. We’ve done the work for you by pouring over user reviews and small business forums -- below are the top five types of copiers that businesses lease.

Leasing the wrong copier can be expensive!

The decision to lease a copier might come easy. But then you’re faced with the problem of choosing which copier to lease. Copier lease rates vary by copier model, so if you choose a copier that prints faster than you need it to print, you might be spending too much each month. On the flipside, choosing the copier with the lowest lease rate might frustrate your employees as they have to wait for the printer to spit out one page every ten seconds.

The one you select should be largely based on your estimated output. And when comparing copier lease rates, keep in mind that each rate will take into account your monthly print volume, with deals structured to compensate for paper usage, toner and wear and tear on the machine. Find out which copier your office should lease by using our simple copier pricing tool, which asks you a few simple questions about your office’s needs.

Compare copier lease rates and lease a copier for your small business. Choose from multifunctions, color copiers, small business copiers, Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, and more brands and types by using our simple copier lease rate tool.

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