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An in-depth review of ManagerPlus, and user reviews

When it comes to effective software solutions, your business should choose programs that are easy to use and provide a wide range of productivity-enhancing features. But more often than not, you can only find solutions that feature one or the other, with complex programs that provide endless functionality (and just as many headaches), or simple platforms that are little more than entertainment.

This is where ManagerPlus stands out. ManagerPlus is a CMMS program that touts its extremely short learning curve, enabling you and your associates to use it almost immediately. In addition, the intuitive nature of the platform allows quick and simple interfacing that saves time and money by orchestrating all of your maintenance management.

Major features of ManagerPlus

Though impressive overall, there are a few primary benefits that enable this CMMS program to really outshine its competitors. ManagerPlus includes three buckets of tools: asset management, inventory and expense management, and extra features. Below is a rundown of the major tools included in this CMMS program.

Asset management tools
Inventory and expense management tools
Extra features

ManagerPlus reviews – what are users saying?

ManagerPlus has received glowing reviews from organizational users at all levels. In particular, comments have cited the “depth and breadth of functions available” that are “closely focused on the needs of operational equipment maintenance shops.” In addition, this level of performance “offers extensive functionality that can serve the wide needs of large enterprises looking for incorporation of information that resides at the outer edge of the equipment maintenance spectrum.”

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