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Reviews of the best work order system software

Whether you manage facilities located in one location or several, work order system software can greatly reduce the time it takes to process requests and accomplish each task. Property managers and facilities management departments have each found the advancements available through this business-dedicated platform to be extremely useful for the cost-savings it delivers.

To put it into perspective, the average consumer now enjoys a vast increase in personal time after integrating their accounts to online platforms. Saving gas, stamps and taking advantage of the one-stop bill pay service, online accounts free up the modern consumer immeasurably. The same is true of business owners and work order system software.

Two primary examples of reliable work order system software

Many times, work order tools are encompassed by a maintenance management program. Two major groups that use work order system software include property managers and facilities managers. We’ve reviewed two top software programs

Propertyware for property managementProperty management software: A review of Propertyware software

Designed specifically for property managers, Propertyware work order system software moves all communications onto a web-based platform which tenants can access. This extreme level of transparency and access provides real-time information like: contact info, threaded conversations with property managers delivered via email alerts, tenant ledger and online bill pay, notice to vacate, service requests, service status, and important documents like leases. Plus, the information is delivered in a highly-professional presentation that rivals most bank statements.

The Propertyware Owner Portal is the tool that your tenants will use. On your end, Propertyware also allows you to track all tenant service requests, manage your vendor directory, initiate bills or invoices and pair them with a work order, and track the work time of your maintenance crews. You can also make electronic contributions to the portfolio balance directly online.

work order system software for facilities managementFacilities management software: A review of NetFacilities software

For facilities managers, a popular work order system software program is NetFacilities. Similar to Propertyware, it basically eliminates the stacks of paper in your office, integrating all work orders into an online database. NetFacilities allows you to create, submit, approve, receive, track, and manage all work orders associated with your line of business in real-time. In addition, you can monitor your assets – including real-time inventory usage – by tracking and managing them with NetFacilities AutoPilot feature.

NetFacilities allows you to track staff, tenants or employees in real-time, streamlining your facilities management with comprehensive work order management. Like PropertyWare, it also provides specialized reporting functionalities.

Transferring power — whether you’re a property or facilities manager

All managers know that delegating tasks to others can free up valuable time that can be spent doing other things. This is the main advantage to work order management software for property managers or facilities managers.

 Rather than staff, empowering tenants with their own work order interface will allow them to perform many of the tasks that your staff usually performs over the phone, like submitting work orders and checking in on progress.

And with facilities management software, you’re eliminating all the paperwork associated with each job, where it can be stored safely online. Instead of mining through stacks of paper, you can let a reminder tell you when each job should be taken care of.

The value of work order system software is that it can save you time. Effectively eliminating the need for paperwork, your staff will spend less time on the phone and more time performing work orders.

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