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Point of sale software reviews: The top programs

To save you the trouble of reading dozens of point of sale software reviews to make your best decision, we’ve done the work for you. The following is an in-depth look at the top POS software programs that businesses are recommending to each other on the web.

Before we go on, here’s one thing to keep in mind: when you’re out there comparison shopping and reading the summarized reviews below, it’s important to know that one size doesn’t fit all. Some POS software is better suited to smaller companies while other more costly packages are geared toward national chains and those with a large number of independent locations.

Different strokes for different folks…

Also, know that most POS software on the market today can perform the basic point of sale functions – it’s the special features which set each system apart. According to point of sale software reviews by many users, these are the systems that stand out.

price tag“What’s the most customizable point of sale software?”

Designed to accommodate both retail and restaurant businesses, including special customizations for fine dining and quick service, Dell POS software provides unique POS software solutions in a number of comprehensive packages. On one end of the spectrum, they offer a POS solution that’s geared toward businesses with 1 to 20 locations, providing real-time sale and inventory management, customer tracking and management, built-in credit and debit card processing as well as the capability for selling products via the web. For larger organizations, they also have a solution that is customizable for chains, featuring extensive customer service functionalities like custom pricing, rentals and layaway as well as customer loyalty plans and gift-card processing.

inventory management“My company moves products fast. What’s best for me?”

Available in either a Pro or Basic version, QuickBooks POS serves both small to large-scale retail or hospitality businesses and focuses on stock levels and inventory management with specialized tracking features that include: inventory adjustment with every sale, order or return, as well as automatic purchase orders to make sure you always have the necessary stock on hand. Plus, it includes a number of customer-tracking features such as detailed reports broken down per customer (and dollar amount spent), purchase history and personalized rewards programs.

restaurant point of sale software“My restaurant has its hands full… can a POS system help?”

With options for both retail and hospitality alike, the Aloha Operations POS suite is popular among restaurant point of sale software reviews. Specifically, their packages include: automated restaurant operations and performance management, enabling you to streamline both your inventory and staff. It also provides a large number of dedicated solutions that enable you to easily manage the unique aspects of a restaurant including quick service, table service, take out and even mobile ordering and payment. In doing so, it provides you and your staff with a unified interface that results in a faster speed of service and the assurance of order accuracy – essential for the optimal guest experience.

retail point of sale software“I want the best POS system for my store.”

Though highly focused on customer service, Microsoft RMS is more focused on retail operations than hospitality, based on many point of sale software reviews. Retail operations may find this POS system useful for its ability to provide comprehensive inventory and purchasing management with customizations that allow you to track and manage inventory using a wide variety of stock and sales variables including: standard, serialized, kit, assembly, matrix, lot matrix, voucher, non-inventory and weighed. In addition, it’s reportedly highly scalable, allowing you to easily expand it as your business or customer base grows.

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