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10 Telemarketing Services That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Owning a business is far from easy. As the business owner, you need to worry about hiring the right employees, targeting the right customers, servicing your customers for satisfaction, and ultimately growing the business. But with so much on your plate, some of these areas may suffer if you do not have help. If you are focused on customer service, you might not have time to attract new clients. If you are focused on attracting new clients, you may not have time to go above and beyond with each customer.

If you have help, there is a way to have time for everything on your plate. Hiring an outbound telemarketing company to make your outbound calls for you is a great way to take some of the time-consuming work that needs to be done off of your plate. If your telemarketing strategy is suffering because you do not have time to make it work, hiring a company that does just that is a great solution. Telemarketing companies offer a wide range of different services and not all of these services involve cold calling. Here are 10 different services offered that will help you grow your business and retain your clients as well:

10 Valuable Services Offered by Outbound Telemarketing Companies

1. Business-to-Consumer Cold Calling

If you offer consumer goods and services, one effective ways to spread the word about your company is to cold call a targeted group. You can buy lists from a variety of different marketing list providers and give these lists to telemarketing service providers. By giving the company a list and a script, you can grow your business and build brand recognition while you dedicate your time to handling things behind-the-scenes.

2. Business-to-Business Cold Calling

When you work in the business-to-business climate, you know that one of the most difficult things to do is get through the gatekeeper. You need to reach decision makers to build your customer base. Telemarketing service providers are trained to get past the gatekeepers so that you can reach more decision makers and make a bigger impact with your campaign.

3. Lead Generation

If you do not want to buy leads, telemarketing service providers offer lead generation services so that you can keep your campaigns focused and targeted. Cut down the amount of time you spend cold calling a long list of leads and narrow the leads down by focusing on only the most effective and productive leads that will help you achieve your goals.

4. Customized Telesales Scripts

You may now know it, but the success of your outbound marketing campaign weighs heavily on the scripts that you write. You do have the option to submit your own script to telemarketing service providers, or you can take advantage of scripting services. Companies who deliver these services use very advanced scripting techniques that include all of the most important elements of a sales call. They test their scripts and gear the tests to generate the highest responses. If you are not the best script writer, leave it to writers who are experts in outbound scripts.

5. Appointment Setting

If you offer services to the community, one of the most effective ways to get clients into your office is to call them and remind them to come in is to take time to call them to set appointments. It shows your customers that you are thinking of them and reminds them of something they may have never remembered. With appointment setting services, you can focus on building your book-of-business without losing customers who have stayed loyal to you for years.

6. Qualifying Your Prospects

It can help your marketing efforts if you can communicate with your prospects, learn their concerns, and tackle all of the objections upfront. While your salespeople will take time to qualify customers, one way to reduce the time you take on a sale is hiring telemarketing companies to qualify leads. The telemarketers will speak with prospects, ask probing questions, and narrow down the list for you so that you can increase your conversion rate and cross leads off the list that do not have a genuine interest.

7. Customer Satisfaction Telephone Surveys

You cannot gauge satisfaction unless you know what your customers have to say. You also cannot focus on building your book-of-business if your current customer base is not happy with what you offer. Telemarketing companies offer customer satisfaction surveys that will help you get the feedback you need to improve.

8. Conducting Market Research

If you completed Marketing 101, you know how important market research can be. With the right research, you can get the data you need to target the right demographics. If you do your own market research, have telemarketers conduct surveys for you so that you can use accurate data for your project.

9. Polling

If your business is involved in politics or there is a proposition that could affect your industry, polling services can help you get the answers you need. Whether you are a lobbyist or a member of a special interest group, polling surveys are a great way to generate raw data for your campaign.

10. Cross-Selling Outbound Calls

If you have a customer who just purchased a product, you might want to inform them of related products you sell that will offer them even more value. Cross-selling calls are an effective way to stay connected with your current clientele.

As you can see, telemarketing service providers do more than just cold call. Each of the services offered are designed to help you generate new business and retain current customers. Take time to develop the right telemarketing strategy and let the professionals do the calling for you.