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Time Attendance Systems for Companies with Remote Employees

As businesses move towards an increasingly remote workforce, there is an increased need for an accurate way to keep track of worker's time - even when they are not physically at the office. Many companies are turning to time and attendance systems as a solution for keeping track of the work time of remote workers. The traditional solution is to install a terminal in remote location where employees working in a particular location can register. There are different options for transferring that data back to the main site for payroll purposes. Remote time attendance systems present an alternative solution.

A Cost-effective Solution

It can be difficult - and expensive in terms of manpower - to keep track of the hours clocked by remote employees. Even if a company has some type of remote system in place such as a terminal where employees at various remote locations can check in and out throughout the work day, it still takes time and effort to gather that information and incorporate it into payroll information. Using a time attendance system also frees supervisors and other personnel from clerical time-keeping tasks.

Time Attendance Systems Using Mobile Phones

A key feature to have for a time attendance system should be accessibility through mobile phones. It just makes sense when you consider the fact that most employees have a cell phone that can connect to the Internet. This makes it easy for employees to clock in and out. The data is then sent directly back to a company's payroll database. Allowing for mobile access makes it easier to track employees who travel frequently and may not always have time to clock their hours while they are driving or doing other work-related activities outside of the office.

Easy to Digest Graphics

Time attendance systems should do more than just delivery payroll data. This data also needs to be easy to digest and read by payroll officials, employers, and employees. This makes it easy to report any discrepancies or errors with time that was either not recorded or incorrectly recorded. This also saves time by correcting issues before paychecks are issued with incorrect hours and dollar amounts.

Remote Time Attendance Systems

The required software needed to receive the data usually comes with the system you choose. There are many time attendance systems to choose from on the market. Many of these devices are designed to be durable since remote work typically includes fields such as construction. Some remote time attendance system devices include:

Remote Clocking Utility

A Remote Clocking Utility (RCU) offers another solution for allowing employers to keep track of employee's hours from a distance. RCU is a Windows-based program that allows employees to clock in and out for work, lunch, and breaks via a computer. A terminal is not required. The only requirement is for remote employees to have access to a computer or a device with Internet access. Benefits of an RCU-based system include:

Time attendance systems for companies with remote employees can make it easier to keep track of employee time and also make it easier to give proper credit for hours worked. It doesn't take that long to set up such as system. Most systems require a simple touch of the screen or the pushing of a few buttons to clock in and out times. At a time when the word "workplace" is being redefined, remote time attendance systems provide a valuable service to both employers and employees.