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Fantastic examples of custom trade show exhibits

custom trade show exhibits

What exactly are custom trade show exhibits? In reference to trade show displays, a “custom” display is one that has been created especially to client specifications, including size, number of panels, lighting, and other add-ons. Typically far more permanent than anything that could be carted from location to location, custom trade show exhibits will often include onsite design and even professional assembly. Therefore, this type of display is often considered to be semi-permanent – and despite the name, they're often used in situations other than trade shows. Examples include:

Due to the size of the project, all displays are quoted for cost and delivery in advance once the entire scope is determined and finalized. And if you’re unsure where to begin or don’t have the the necessary design skills, many vendors have in-house design experts that will be willing to travel to your location to work with you on the most effective presentation. As mentioned above, these same companies provide a range of onsite services that extend far beyond design. For large projects, you can expect onsite woodworking, metal fabrication, and full assembly that includes all the lighting and electrical components that go into a custom trade show exhibit.

Mixing it up with modular custom trade show exhibitsmodular custom trade show exhibit

Custom modular displays are slightly different from standard custom displays in that they incorporate a range of components that can actually be moved around, enabling you to expand the reach of your message to various locations around a single floor, or even position elements on a number of different floors.

Also known as a “hybrid” display, modular custom exhibits can be continuously updated with a variety of graphic panels, tension fabric, backlit displays, aluminum extrusion, folding panels and frames, and a range of different materials like Acrylite, Lexan, and Plexiglas.

Advantages to this type of display include an easy integration with portable systems, achieving a series of unique impressions while remaining highly cost-effective. In addition, you are able to highlight specific functions by easily bringing them to the forefront of the display. In fact, this level of extreme flexibility has made modular custom exhibits popular because the initial investment often prevents a company from having to continuously reinvest in materials every time they want to provide a fresh configuration, saving a reported 30 to 50 percent over the cost of a traditional box-frame display.

Custom graphics for a classy, brand-specific presentation

As would be expected, custom display and custom modular systems both include a completely personalized level of graphic design. Typically provided through in-house designers, all trade show display manufacturers can take your logo and message and craft it into a stylish and attractive presentation. Whether you want the display to coincide with an existing theme or be completely new, custom trade show exhibits are often on the cutting edge of presentation techniques. Consider some of the following real-life examples:

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