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10 Trade Show Booth Designs We Love

Trade show booths set the tone for your trade show display. While the traditional trade show displays can still be effective, it is often the unique designs that are remembered by potential clients, contacts, and customers. Here are ten trade show booth designs we absolutely love:

  1. Movie Setup with Tickets - This type of display is set up like a movie theater with posters describing the product like an upcoming attraction. The added touch for this display is "tickets" that can be used for discounts and special promotions by those attending an event. You can also use the movie setup as a way to introduce a presentation. Just add "admit one" - or something along those lines - to your tickets to make each "patron" feel special. It's creative and it's memorable.
  2. Go Vintage - This type of display won't cost a lot to put together, but the look will be different enough from other trade show booths that it will attract attention. Put together some vintage pieces such as trunks, desks, chairs, and even an antique table. If you happen to be pushing something in the tech field, this setup works as a contrast between modern technology and older technology. If you want to take it a step further, add some vintage computers or other older forms of technology to complete the effect.
  3. Maze - If you want to make your display fun, create a little maze with some room dividers or sidewall panels. Keep in mind that you're not trying to create a challenging maze. Keep it really simple. Maybe create a little pathway for people to walk through and "discover" some panels with your presentation materials. Include carefully placed business cards and brochures throughout your maze. The idea is to have people come out with questions - or at least some interest in your business or product.
  4. Wooden Panels - Panels don't have to be traditional panels. Have some fun and use different materials. Wood panels, for example, can look like pieces of wood nailed together. Think of something similar to what you would find in an attic - the term we're looking for here is wooden pallets. This is good if you are promoting or selling outdoor equipment or clothing. With a little imagination, you can make it work for just about any display setup.
  5. Pegboard - Who doesn't love pegboard? If you want a versatile display, this is the material to use. Pegboard can be incorporated into just about any design theme, from professional to whimsical. Pegboard can easily hold posters, photos, wall art, and other display items. For a funky twist, add a fabric background to one or two of the walls. The idea is to make your display stand out - in the right way.
  6. Hanging Prints - As with pegboard, you really have a lot of freedom to turn this type of display into anything you want it to be. You can hang your display from the cover or top of your display or from the event venue's ceiling or beams - if they allow this. Your hanging prints can be posters or banners emphasizing points related to your display or photographs or images somehow related to your display.
  7. Closet doors - All you need for this one is a set of those closet doors with the vents - louver doors is the proper term - and maybe a chair or footstool as an accessory. This type of display works if you are selling clothes or maybe home storage items. Anything you would normally store in a closet could work with this setup. This could also serve as a fun sidewall for your display. The louvers can be used to hold your display items with carefully concealed hooks. All you need is a little creativity and you have a unique display.
  8. Functioning Doors/Windows - It's always fun when you can incorporate working parts into your display. Doors and windows work well if you want to sell some type of home product or a product or service that will somehow benefit someone at home or improve their home in some way. As you can see, there are many possibilities of how to use functioning doors and windows in your display. How about creating a recreation of a typical office? This means that you can use this setup for business products and services now.
  9. Picnic Table Booth - This setup can work for both indoor and outdoor displays. The idea is to use a picnic table for your booth. Complete the look with a checkered tablecloth and "serve up" paper plates with your marketing messages written on them in colored marker. This is great if you are selling outdoor merchandise or maybe household wares for the kitchen or grill. Bring in a grill and a cooler to complete the look. If you make your display fun and different, people will gravitate towards it out of curiosity.
  10. Tablecloths - This is a handy solution if you have a small space for your booth. Consider mixing contrasting colors or using multiple tablecloths to create a layered look. You can touch up the space with some old mirrors you can find at a thrift store. Just paint over the glass with chalkboard paint or replace the glass with painted board and you have an easy way to display your message. Consider using napkin holders to hold your product literature and business cards. People tend to like cute little design gimmicks like that at trade shows.