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Expert tips on finding the right asset management application

Avoid old asset management applicationsKeeping tracking of your organizational assets is no easy task. But with the proper asset management application, you can consolidate tracking into a single and highly-reportable interface. Doing so reduces the time it takes to reallocate tools, vehicles and similar equipment, providing a highly cost-effective and streamlined means of operation.

When you’re comparison shopping for the best asset management application, IT professionals recommend that you choose a provider that’s been in business for at least five years. With practically 200 different companies offering asset management tools, the industry is highly competitive. Therefore, those who’ve been in business the longest carry more weight due to their experience and a level of innovation that has presumably allowed for the above-average sale of their product.

In addition, experts recommend you select someone who’s using the latest technology — and that does not include the DOS platform. Though the latest tech will be somewhat more pricey, it’s worth the payoff down the road when considering upgrades and expandability.

Asset management application reviews: Siterra, Xassets, and ManagerPlus

As mentioned above, longevity counts for a lot in the software industry. Here’s a comparison of three trustworthy asset management application providers and their products.

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