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point of sale systemPoint of sale system reviews: Zeroing in on the best hardware

Among point of sale system reviews on the web, there are certain systems that rise to the top. Cited for their ease of usability as well as a diverse selection of time saving gadgets, we’ve collected the top four reviews here with some of the features that have made them user-favorites. Keep in mind that this article focuses on the top POS system reviews – that is to say, the top POS hardware. If you already have hardware and are simply looking for new POS system software, check out our article about point of sale software reviews.

Investing in a POS system for your bar or restaurant can save hundreds of employee-hours each year by dramatically cutting down on the time spent running from one place to next. That’s because, as you’ll see in these point of sale system reviews, POS systems link your entire organization, from the front of the house to the back. In doing so, they reduce the time between taking an order and communicating that order to the kitchen while also promoting the accuracy of each order.

A quick briefing on hardware and software…

The hardware of any POS system has a lot to do with this broad level of efficiency. Featuring touch-screen monitors that can be installed almost anywhere in your location as well as a wide variety of wireless order-taking and billing devices, POS hardware simplifies order processing, often reducing it to the simple touch of button.

A quick note regarding software: when considering a new point of sale system, make sure you compare both the hardware and the accompanying software that goes with it. Some hardware is compatible with any number of POS software solutions but some may only work with certain programs. For example, not all scanners, weight scales, card readers and order takers work with every software suite. So make sure the software you select aligns with the needs of your business but is also fully compatible with the hardware you’ve chosen.

Brands that stand out among point of sale system reviews

Dell – Dell offers both retail and restaurant POS systems, and benefits from its established name in the computer industry. Most point of sale system reviews on Dell systems note that its Microsoft Windows platform is a major plus since most employees already know how to use Windows programs. Among the popular Dell POS hardware components are: monitors with integrated video – providing marketing to customers when terminals are not in use by wait staff – a compact APG cash drawer, measuring 16”W X 19.5”D, that fits in tight counter spaces, and an Epson TM-T88V Dual-Color Thermal Printer that connects via USB for plug-n-play operation that prints high-quality receipts and order tickets.

MICROS –Suited to both hospitality and retail applications, MICROS provides advanced hardware that also benefits from a high degree of energy-efficiency, cutting down on power consumption when not in use. In fact, their monitors are disk-less and operate without a fan. As such, they consume less than half the energy of a standard touchscreen monitor. Plus, with a variety of monitors available, MICROS systems can be selected for any size operation and can also include: standard stereo speakers, flash memory and passive cooling that reduces the risk of costly mechanical failures. Plus, you can purchase an adjustable stand that allows you to install them practically anywhere.

IBM SurePOS – Point of sale system reviews for IBM SurePOS favor its modern design and features. Providing functionalities that are suited to both retail and restaurant operations, IBM’s contribution to the POS landscape offers a sleek, slimmer design for a refined appearance, as well as infrared touchscreen with resistive touch sensitivity for order accuracy and ease of use, advanced security features to prevent theft and unauthorized use and a touchscreen that reportedly never requires recalibration. Plus, IBM monitors are popular for their dual nature, serving as customer displays when not in use and are also completely sealed to avoid damage from spilled beverages and other liquids.

Aloha – A recurring name in point of sale system reviews is Aloha. Aloha POS hardware is designed for both hospitality and retail operations and is known for the rugged durability of its components. Designed for use in hospitality, entertainment, petroleum and even convenience store environments, the Radiant POS hardware from Aloha is said to be able to withstand high transaction volume, continuous operation and messy environments that bring the gear into contact with contaminants that would destroy lesser-protected components, including food, grease and dirt. Working as well in movie theaters as they do in fine dining establishments, Radiant POS hardware includes a number of proprietary operations to ensure the success of the system, including passive cooling to prevent units from overheating and embedded operating systems to guarantee compatibility.

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